Whats the Difference Between Eau de Parfum abd Eau de Toilette perfume eau de parfum

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Since Eau de Parfum contains a higher fragrance concentration, it will last much longer than other varieties of fragrance, including Eau de Toilette; however, this makes it more expensive, and also means that it is not a good option for daily touchQQups or for those who just need a fragrance to help them feel refreshed. The lower concentration of Eau de Toilette means it can still be a good choice for those who want a great dailyQQuse product, a benefit that is aided by its lower price point.

Even though it does not last as long as other fragrances, it is still the most popular choice for most because it is less expensive and easier to find. If you do not mind reapplying the scent or only need it for short special occasions, this can be a great option.

To find what you need, type in the name of a specific fragrance you would like to look for, or you can type in eau de toilette or eau de parfum to get an idea of the types of fragrance available. You can also search by brands to see what options are available or even by the notes in the perfume. For example, to find a fragrance with rosy heart notes, one could type in Rose Eau de Parfum.

Eau de Parfum is the standard level of dilution for fragrances and is the most noticeable of scents. It is different from perfume in many ways.

The perfume manucturers need to be able to explain their fragrances to customers, and the use of terms such as Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette help them do this. This is one way to tell customers how much actual concentration of the fragrance ingredients is in the bottle, how long the scent will last,cheap full hd lcd tv Cheap 42 Inch LCD TV Set 1080p Full HD! and if the price reflects the length and amount of scent used.

Perfume contains a specific amount of actual fragrance, along with other ingredients. Other ingredients typically found in perfumes can include water, ethanol, liquid wax, coconut oil, or Jojoba oil. These ingredients generally have little to no scent, but they are used to make the smell last longer and work well with the skin.

You might also consider purchasing sample sizes or one ounce or less when buying Eau de Parfum. One ounce is not a lot of fragrance, but you need less fragrance when using a Eau de Parfum, and it will still last longer. This is a great way to try new fragrances, which can be helpful if you are on the market for a new signature aroma.

Another thing you can do is only use one or two sprays. It may be tempting to spray four to five times to make the smell last longer, but this actually does not work well. The amount of sprays will not change the amount of time the fragrance lasts. It is better to use one spray, and repeat every hour than to use five sprays and repeat every two or three hours.

Eau de Parfum is the second highest concentration of fragrance you can find. The scent is strong but will sit on the skin well. The scent is not necessarily strong nor is it overpowering; the higher concentration simply means that it will release its aroma throughout the day QQ in particular the middle notes, sometimes known as heart notes, which make up the fragrance. Common middle notes include aromas such as lavender and rose. This is extremely helpful if you are the type of woman who is on the go from morning until night and want to smell fresh and great.

Perfume has been a hot commodity for hundreds of years. You can change your mood, just by changing the fragrance you use. You may have many different fragrances for use throughout the day or week, including romantic fragrances, workplace appropriate fragrances, and nightQQonQQtheQQtown fragrances or even separate fragrances for summer, winter, spring, and ll; however, when you are new to choosing highQQend perfumes, navigating the thousands of available options can be a challenge. If you have ever seen Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, you may have wondered their meanings or the origin of the words, and what the differences between these types of perfume are.

Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette are French words, indicating the rise of the perfume industry in France. The terms themselves indicate the way that these products were generally used. Eau de Parfum was meant to create an aromatic experience, with a lasting fragrance that remained throughout the day. Eau de Toilette refers to a ladies toilette, or grooming ritual, and indicated the product was used for freshening up over the course of the day. The varying concentration levels of these fragrances means that they can still be used in this manner.

Whether you choose Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum, you will want to ensure that your scent lasts as long as possible. For a longer lasting aroma, spray the fragrance on your clothing. Spraying the fragrance onto your clothing will allow the smell to stick longer. As you move, the smell will be refreshed, giving you a small burst of scent throughout the day. Spraying the fragrance right before you leave your home or car will allow the scent to stay longer where it matters. Additionally, spraying the fragrance into the elbows or around the neck,flachbild fernseher Funai Fernseher, where it will be released as you move, can make a fragrance last longer.

It can be a great option for those who cannot afford Eau de Parfum, but the scent will de a little bit ster. It will continue to release notes over time, although they will be top notes, or head notes, rather than middle notes. Common top notes include citrus and ginger aromas. In many cases, Eau de Toilette scents will last for one to two hours maximum, meaning they must be reapplied more frequently.

When you are on the hunt for the perfect aroma, buying on eBay can be a great option. The biggest benefit is that you will have access to a number of different fragrances, including both Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum as well as those made by international companies that might not be available in the United Sates.

Eau de Toilette has a lower concentration of fragrance than Eau de Parfum, with only about 10 percent fragrance oil. This type of scent can be found at beauty counters of highQQend department stores, but it can also be found at regular department stores and some drug stores.

Best rated

Choosing between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette is simply a matter of choice and budget. Either will work, though Eau de Toilette may be needed to be reapplied throughout the day. If you have a higher budget for fragrance, consider the Eau de Parfum as it is a more concentrated fragrance and can last longer.

Perfume is generally applied to the wrists, neck and behind the ears as its smell is so strong, whereas Eau de Parfum can be sprayed on hair or clothing.

Whether you want something that is classic or one of the newer fragrances created, you have many from which to choose. Knowing the difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette is one of the best things you can do for yourself because it is important to know that each is different and has its own pros and cons.

DKNY Women Donna Karan dkny perfume

This perfume smells divine on me. Never thought that the scent of tomato leaf and oranges can work so well together. Yes, its an unusual but such an amazing summer fragrance:fresh and fruity, BUT nothing like the typical fruity Escada scents nor Leau Par Kenzo kind of fresh. Simply beautiful. I will definitely wear this next summer

I first bought it as a present for someone who said they loved it. My then husband saw it QQ have no idea if he actually smelled it QQ and even though I mentioned how bad I thought it smelled, he later on gave me it as a present. I should have known then!

This is just way too sharp on me, it made me sneeze several times within a span of 5 minutes of wearing it on my pulse points! This screams lemons &/p>Gorgeous opening like knocking back a good vodkahaute couture dresses SpringSummer 2014 Haute Couture Wedding Dresses. literally. Then a teasing tomato leaf note, like sniffing the air in a greenhouse with

I realy love this perfume. Its like fresh mountain rill, so cold as r as frosty. It reminds me washed laundry and grass.

I went through at least 4 (small) bottles of this when I was a bit younger, ages 18QQ25 maybe, when I only ever had one scent at a time. So I obviously really loved it.

Very sharp and clean. As in a cleaning product. Excellent as a room spray, not what I want in a perfume.

This is perfect for any age, I dont think anyone can go wrong with such a clean and sparkling citrus.

Ive had a couple of bottles of this,Customize, but would not buy it again, I went through a phase of really liking it, but Ive kind of grown out of it now.

Regardless, this is a wonderful, very fresh scent for summer. Helps me wake up in the morning!

tomato plants which I love. Dont get any of the citrus. Ten minutes later, it turns on me, tree sap and cut tulips, and becomes a stagnant market of old over ripe veg and wet cardboard boxes and need to wash off. Sooooo sad, I want to love this one, but doesnt work on me.

I have never found a perfume similar to this anywhere else. I first smelt it on a colleague, and as I love unique scents with monster sillage, I bought it along with the body cream and shower gel. Ive only ever had compliments and heads turning.

Es mi perfume vorito de verano. Ultra refrescante, luminoso, enrgico, cosmopolita, alegre y con personalidad. Funciona perfectamente en mi piel y tiene una duracin buensima. Siempre me hacen cumplidos con l. He acabado un frasco y ya tengo el siguiente comprado. Me encanta! ♥

Wow, this scent!!!!!I definitely LOVE it!!! I love the orange note on it. It is fresh, extremely long lasting, special for summer time, since though it is fresh and citrusy, it is strong and can be smelled the whole day. I love perfumes that are fresh and strong at the same time,GermanQQEnglish dictionary Loewe, this and L eau par Kenzo are my vourites for summer

In my opinion, too powerful for hot summer, but great for all other seasons.


Hate this, also seems to be worn by women I just dont get on with, dont know whether its the scent that makes me dislike the women or vice versa. I think its the scent, I makes me wretch a litte.

Okay, Im giving this one a rare thumbs up for such an indignant citrus!

Is there something wrong with my nose? I dont get citrus AT ALL in this QQ just GRASS!! I like to catch a light whiff of it and think its very unique if a little overpowering fullQQon.

Its my vorite summer scent. Ultra cool, bright, energetic, cosmopolitan and cheerful personality. Works great on my skin and runs great. Always make me keep it. I finished a bottle and I have the next bought. I love it! ♥

I am curious, can you guys smell the apricot, the lotus, the narcissus, the rose? Honestly, I cannot.

Anyone who knows me associates hardQQcore, dark fragrances (Hypnotic Poison, Black Orchid, Basic Instinct, etc.) as my preferred fragrances.

I am always surprised to read what the ingredients supposedly are. To me it smells like nothing but zesty lemons, lemons and more lemons QQ and maybe a hint of lime.

It is fresh but strong, citrus but y, green but not that innocent! It is awesome, yes. Outstanding scent for an outstanding woman.

Since its release, I have never been without this. To me it represents clarity. The citrus is bri

This fragrance is very distinctive, nothing else really smells similar in my opinion. I think this is a good thng, because so many scents these days seem very samey sweet, powdery etc. I can detect this at 50 paces, its so recognisable.

Not to many DK scents I like, but this one is exceptionally good! Good morning wake up and smile:) that kind of a scent.

To my nose its very sharp lemon fragrance. I would say that washing up liquid smells softer/smoother than this one. Not my cup of tea :QQ(

At first when tryed this one at the store I thought it was nice, but a few months later, I change my mind, it was totaly different. I mean, I like citrus and tomato leaves but this combo with the flowers and patchuli is too sharp, too strong for me and it definetely wakes my allergies up. Sorry not a n!

I was expecting to like this, but it turns out I am not a n. The only notes I could really make out were citruses (mainly orange), plus a blast of alcohol. Overall the perfume has a sort of chemical scent to it that makes me uneasy.

No, I cant find apricot, sandalwood, jasmine or other ingredients in it, nothing except ORANGE, or rather MANDARIN. But it means that scents are perfectly blend. I dont want to smell rose or patchouli in it, I like that wonderful icy orange, and thats why I love this fragrance!

Its slightly woody, yet fresh, like warm rain on a summers day in a forest, if that makes sense. Its quite sharp and citrussy at first, but settles down after a few minutes and is long lasting.

A strong burst of vodka and orange which quickly morphs into a fresh, crisp green note, but still with a touch of sweetness. Very fresh and cheery, but sophisticated. Final drydown is a sweet wood and amber. This scent is not at all what Id typically wear, but its quite lovely. I could see myself using it as a bric mist after a day of spring cleaning.

That makes it sound like I dont agree with all the other reviewers who have called this a very clean scent, but I do. Its just that its clean in a sour/sharp way that appeals to me much more than that other, laundryQQlike way.

Definitely edgy and uplifting!

Its such a fresh, clean and summery fragrance, it lights up a room. It cuts straight through darker and murkier scents and whenever I smell it, it reminds me of my friend and all the silly fun evenings weve ever had.

Im not experienced enough to pick out notes, but theres something in this that (in combination with the citrus notes?) makes it smell a bit like fresh sweat, but in a good way, which Im apparently really into. The tomato leaf maybe?

I think this could be worn by a man or woman, as its not too sweet, or feminine or floral. It can be worn day or night, but works best in summer.

An opulent perfume for women, a perfume with unusual and magical components; a cold, strict and elegant fragrance for daily and office use. An energicetic wave of the top awaits you with the notes of green tomato leaves, red orange juice and cold vodka. The floral heart is composed of water lily, orchid and daffodil. The composition closes with the mild and pleasant notes of birch and tulip. DKNY Women was launched in 1999.

DKNY will always remind me of my youth in the nineties! Its nostalgia in a bottle for me, reminding me of my former love, and carefree summers in London in his open top car, trips to the coast and fun times together.

Not a bad perfume, would prefer less tomato leaf reminds me of being in a greenhouse fulled up with tomato plants

Id like to find something similar in another perfume, because I seem to have outgrown this one, or else the formulation has been changed. Either way, whenever I think about buying it again, I decide against it after testing it at the store.

Very extraordinary scent! I liked it when I was younger, and now I like it even more…

i bought today after i tested in åhlens and i must say that take my breath away ,its so much fresh crispy smell like now i coming put from shover !very unique,cold ,like ice queen ,great for sumer but actualy alldays allways .i fell the mandarin orange ,tomato leaf and lilly ,than the rest of the notes absolutly great longlasting eccseptoinal perfume

The only other scent that comes close to this for me is Issey Miyakes LEau DIssey, not D&ombination is simply perfect. Backstage florals add shampooQQlike scent quality. Sophisticated and lady like.

I love this perfume but I could never, ever wear it. It belongs completely to my best friend. This is her signature scent and she rarely wears anything else. Such a beautiful fresh and citrusQQy smell, something in the background reminds me of the discontinued Les Belles De Ricci Liberty Fizz.

Still smell that crisp citrus note but its softened to blend a nice velvety floralQQlike note in with it.

I had it. Its very nice,citrus and clean smell.Perfect for spring and summer.Ill probably buy it again.LONG LASTING.

At first spray, I guessed Tangelo as the showstopper. Once it died down some, I was like TangelQQoohhhhhQQmyQQgoodness… what is that?

I got this as a sample so I thought, WTH, just try it out… and Im surprised!

very strong good fragrance in the summer 30grader perfect superb elegant feminine not like the nother fresh fragrances like too much wattery or something no its fresh but good long lasting!!!!10/10


It does smell fresh in a way, but its too synthetic smelling to justify the price tag attached to it. To me the scent is quite similar to Bath &lean and summery. Upon smelling it now I find it oddly synthetic, masculine, and linear, but back then that didnt bother me. Its also a pure lab scent. Hard to recongnize any natural notes. A fragrance of steel, concrete, skyscrapers, glossy magazines, shiny electrical devices, mirrored aviators, martinis with lime, crisp white shirts. Very modern and urban.



I love love love this perfume, and I normally prefer sweeter, floral scents. My only problem is that I seem to be having a hard time finding it in stores!! I love the clean, citrusy scent.

Gio De Giorgio Armani Perfume by Giorgio A armani perfume rmani for Women

Gio Perfume by Giorgio Armani Created by the design house of armani in 1992 gio is classified as a luxurious floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of green florals gardenia and orange blossoms. Accompanied by amber wood and vanill

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d&g watches G Keith Smith MD

Awarding more loot to the VA after the revelation of the most recent and deadly fiascos in their hospital system should come as no surprise, though, as any government program that ils only does so because not enough money was allocated in the first place, right?  CoburnSouth Sydney Pest Control QQ Jims Pest Control QQ South Sydney Pest Control south sydney. cited a 60% budget increase at the VA in the last few years to argue against the idea that a lack of loot was the trouble.  He basically said the congress was about to give the alcoholic VA another drink.  Not exactly what they need.

Towards the end of his article he writes:

The free market destroys businesses and institutions providing the type of care rendered at the VA, a concept the Austrian economists refer to as creative destruction.  This powerful cleansing mechanism of the market allows for a better allocation of resources to those businesses or institutions that provide the products and services that people actually want.  No such mechanism exists in governmental programs.  The opposite incentive exists, rather, to generate sufficient complaints and misery, a strategy which guarantees even more taxpayer money.  Unfortunately with the disaster of the VAs version of Obamacare, we have seen this demonstrated once again.

For more information about free market healthcare visit:

With selfQQfunding, the employer rents a network from a larger carrier like Cigna or Blue Cross. This rental simply means that the employer will pay the same cost for procedures as guaranteed under Cignas network. However, instead of the insurer paying the claim, the employer pays the claim and acts similar to an insurer. Also, unlike most plan arrangements, the employer is not precluded from contracting with providers outside of the network for lower rates.

Employer groups are directly contracting with cilities like mine, shoving their PPO or network aside and realizing huge savings as a result.  Mr. Goldberg and I are in agreement.  I just think it bears pointing out that his point is even stronger than he has made it out to be.  Employer groups are not just looking for cash based physician practices and cilities.  They are willing to give their carrier the boot to reach those bold enough to make this change in their medical practice.

What they need is to not exist at all.  Any one who claims to be a n of single payer health care or governmentQQprovided health care should tour or possibly receive their healthcare at a VA hospital.  Nothing could open such an individuals mind to market alternatives any ster.  Compassion and competence doesnt typically come from the untouchable folks who are paid the same whether they do or dont provide compassion and competence.  If you think I am kidding, notice carefully the number of times you will see the difficulty firing someone at the VA is referenced when you read about pending reforms.  

The italics are mine and are the heart of my issue with this paragraph.  You see, here in Oklahoma, selfQQfunded employers are securing pricing that is r better than the pricing negotiated for them by their network.  The savings that Advantage Health Plan (part of the Kempton Group) has realized, for instance, is almost 8 million dollars in just over 2 years and is calculated as savings compared to what would have been paid at network rates.  Same goes for Oklahoma County, $570,000 saved in 5 months!  Compared to historical network payments for the same procedures.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

For more information about free market health care visit:

for a moment that you own and operate a restaurant knowing that if you provide spoiled food and rotten service, you will subsequently make more money.  You openly employ strongQQarm and intimidation tactics to keep any conscientious employees from revealing what is really going on in the kitchen.  Sound like a restaurant people would want to frequent?


DanielDaniel Goldberg and his Free Market Health Group are part of the emerging and growing cast that is introducing physicians to the idea that embracing the discipline of the free market, rather than rejecting or resisting this force, can actually be good for the physicians practice.  Mr. Goldberg recently contributed an article to the periodical Orthopreneur which you can read here.  I informed him on a Facebook post that I was going to take friendly issue with part of his article, as I believe he has understated the very point he was , the result being a r too kind characterization of our friends in the insurance world.

G. Keith Smith, M.D.

This is the VA hospital system.  High mortality rates, patient neglect, extreme waiting lines, intimidation of wannabe whistleblowers, you have it all.  And a 17 billion dollar bonus from Washington for providing this fine service.  One of the three senators to vote against rewarding this incompetence and malevolence was Oklahomas own Dr. Tom Coburn, soon retiring to his plough.  

While the big carriers who often are administrators of selfQQfunded plans claim to have their clients interests at heart, they shun from their network the highest quality and lowest priced players in the market, my cility being a classic example.  Part of the reason for this is the massive revenue generated by selling their discounts or repricing of claims, the carriers claiming as their own, a percentage of the savings they have generated for their clients. With this arrangement the last thing the carriers want is to seek out reasonably priced care, particularly from a transparently priced cility, as the absence of any claims adjudication eliminates their repricing opportunity and revenue.

dolce&gabbana pontos de croch

This would be a fun pattern for a blanket QQ Moroccan Market Tote: free crochet pattern on Moogly! Teresa Restegui

Diamond point stitch tutorial and chart. In Spanish,Loewe Connect LED LCD HDTV loewe lcd but it can be translated and the charts are very clear. From Tejiendo Pero

Not a quilt but love it, did I already pin this? would be a fun pattern for a blanket QQ Moroccan Market Tote: free crochet pattern on Moogly! ❥Teresa Restegui ❥

Grandma Spiked My Ripple, free pattern by Darlisa Riggs. Written pattern with lots of detailLoewe Individual Series TV (40 46 55 löwe fernseher! plus a pattern diagram that shows this isnt nearly as hard as it looks.

Grandma Spiked My Ripple, free crochet pattern by Darlisa Riggs. Written pattern with lots of detail, plus a pattern diagram that shows this isnt nearly as hard as it looks.

dolce&gabbana FallWinter 2014-2015 Jewelry Trends

With clean, Art Deco lines, Elie Topscuffs forLanvin provided a point of contrast on wrists peeping out from the ostrich feathers and maribou trim,emefgede löwe fernseher, taking Alber Elbaz Xtravagance right down to the models fingertips.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Oscar de la Renta


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Givenchy

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Giambattista Valli

Rings echoed the colors and brics used in the collection for Nina Ricci Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015, worn on every finger to take the look to its logical conclusion with accessories.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Fendi


A silver jewelry triptyque saw color dancing on the suce of the raw stones at Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Versace

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Balmain

Runway shows, shion, beauty, jewelry, culture, parties… Follow Vogue.fr live for all the latest news and style trends. Show photos, backstage reports, the front row and all the most usable parties: let Vogue.fr guide you through the Fashion Weeks. See our shopping edit for shion, beauty, jewelry and watches, chosen by the editorial team. See the Look of the Day, explained by our journalists. Vote for your vorite itQQshoes, post photos of your vorite looks in the Vogue Fashion Community. Follow the shows live, with Vogue Paris Live on Twitter.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Versace

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Dolce & Gabbana

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Cline

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Lanvin

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Louis Vuitton


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Cline

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Gucci


With laceQQup trench coats, elbowQQlength gloves and colorQQblock eveningwear, Raf Simons took his ladylike sensuality right down to the accessories for Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015, with figurative cuffs evoking MatisseQQlike colors as the girls wore their femininity on their sleeves.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Proenza Schouler



For Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015, Alexander Wang focused on colored knitwear, working in allQQblack silhouettes towards the end of the show,Couture Day Dresses at 1st haute couture dresses dibs, paired with graphic spiky Swarovski crystal statement chokers. The look was also mirrored in matching cuffs, for some serious sparkle.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Moschino

The shion crowd stepped back to the East London of the midQQSixties at Saint Laurent, with models in lam miniQQdresses and MaryQQJanes, as the light danced off the straight lines of variable sized geometric earrings.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Louis Vuitton

This first collection from Nicolas Ghesquire featured eyeQQcatching colored leather patches on Sixties tailoring and miniQQdresses. Exotic leather collars were set off with a single gold earring.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Balenciaga


Colored resin cabochons set off by black tassels kept the Silk Road alive at Etro Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015.

For Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015, Fendi continued the play on fur that has been the secret to the Italian houses success since the early days. Touches of soft fur appeared here as a Karl Lagerfeld doll, and there on a choker or alligator skin cuff, as bric and metals combined to form beautiful jewelry.

Versace signature medallions jangled on wrists, paired with Donatella Versaces first ever biasQQcut dresses for Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015.

A fine metal thread knit statement neckpiece made its mark on Isabel Marants black sweaters, in a flashback to the 1990s for Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015.

//GLAMORAMA// Greet ll in graphic new style as the September issue hits the shelves. VogueParis Septemberissue LaParisienne RaquelZimmermann mertalas macpiggott lucia_pieroni shayashual JoeMcKenna

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Christian Dior

Domenico Dolce and Steno Gabbana created a contemporary irytale for Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015. Gold jewelry embellished gloves and bags, while huge floral crystal statement necklaces bloomed like enchanted Sicilian flowers.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Proenza Schouler

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Fendi


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Etro

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Nina Ricci

produced a lively reQQworking of the house codes for Chanel Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015. The fully branded shopping center metaphor carried through right down to the edible candy necklaces and the Premire Triple Tour watch, specially customized as a belt for browsing the aisles on a Saturday morning shop.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Marni

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Isabel Marant

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Vivienne Westwood

was the perfect synthesis of Victorian and Inca inspiration and the collections accessories brought together diamond period pieces with colored beads, for a more handQQcrafted look.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Christian Dior

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Giambattista Valli

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Oscar de la Renta

For Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015, Giambattista Valli emphasized the volume of his butterflyQQwing print skater dresses with imposingly architectural oversized chainQQlink silver necklaces.

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015 saw crystal collars as fine and supple as lace adorning necklines, as colored jewelry reflected new light onto the girls in their furs and exotic skins. Animal magic for Riccardo Tiscis sultry Amazons.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Vivienne Westwood

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Saint Laurent

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Balmain

Jeremy Scott layered gold chain at Moschino for Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015, his first collection at the helm of the Italian house.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Lanvin

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Gucci


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Maiyet

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Chlo

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Alexander McQueen


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Marni

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Chlo



Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Chanel

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Moschino

The clean lines of highQQshine metal reflected light back to the graphic cuts of Marnis dresses for Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015, striking a perfect balance between technique and craftsmanship.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Chanel





Translucent crystals rained down on Karlie Kloss nude shoulders at Oscar de la Renta, adding a Baroque touch to a silk organza bustier for Fall/Winter 2014QQ0215.


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Dolce & Gabbana

Just three years old, the house of Maiyet continued down the road to ethical shion, bringing a sunny touch to Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015 with smooth gold rings and necklaces.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Givenchy


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Etro


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Maiyet

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Saint Laurent

Phoebe Philo created some sublime long coats for Cline Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015. A single charm earring counterQQbalanced the masculine lines and straight cuts.


Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Alexander McQueen

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Balenciaga

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Isabel Marant


From the heathQQstyle runway right down to the hand bracelets, the natural environment seemed to be encroaching on the Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015 collection at Alexander McQueen, reinforcing the wild beauty of Sarah Burtons pieces.


BambooQQstyle oversized gold hoops echoed Olivier Rousteings urban jungle for Balmain Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015, alongside stacked gold bangles and chokers.



Rows of translucent crystal matched the powderQQpuff tones of the furs at Guccis SixtiesQQinspired Fall/Winter 2014QQ2015 for a very Swinging London sleeve, allitaliana.

Tendances bijoux Fashion Week automneQQhiver 2014QQ2015 Nina Ricci


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